Enabled Infotainment System for Japanese and German Tier-1s

Customer: Japanese and German Tier-1s

Scope: To develop a Linux-based GENIVI system on Renesas R-Car H3 and Intel Apollo Lake platforms


  • Sasken licensed its proprietary audio codecs and GStreamer plugins for R-Car H3 and Intel Apollo Lake platforms
  • Optimization of audio codecs for Renesas R-Car H3 platform and Intel Apollo lake platforms
  • Creation/enhancement of GStreamer plugin of audio codecs/parser and integration into GStreamer framework to enable capture, playback, and streaming use cases
  • Audio decoders and associated GStreamer plugins leveraged are:
    • HE-AAC v2 Decoder
    • MPEG (MPEG1,2, Layer1-3, MPEG2.5 Layer-3) Decoder
    • WMA 10 Professional, Lossless and standard Decoder
    • FLAC Decoder
    • Ogg Vorbis Decoder
    • SBC Decoder
  • Audio encoders and associated Gstreamer plugin’s leveraged are:
    • MPEG-1 Layer 3 Encoder
    • G.711 Encoder
    • ASF parser and associated Gstreamer plugin


  • Sasken licensed codecs productized in Japanese market met stringent quality parameters that helped the customer reduce time-to-market

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: Leading Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive OEM