Indoor Navigation Suite for an indoor location services provider

Customer:Niche Silicon Valley startup that provides indoor and urban location services


Sasken’s customer provides high accuracy indoor and urban location services. They wanted to develop a consumer application for shoppers to demonstrate the technology


  • The consumer Android application supports indoor navigation using the latitude, longitude and altitude information provided by the service provider and integration of Micello indoor maps.
  • The application supports navigation across floors and provides auto switching of floors as user moves across floors.
  • Deals and offers from the store are displayed to the user as she navigates inside a mall.
  • The application also ties to an external android powered meta-watch to send visual cues and deals on the watch.


Helped the customer to demonstrate the technology to potential customers and senior executives

Customer:A Leading Telecom Carrier in Europe

Customer:World’s leading FMCG brand

Customer:Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions