Redefining the Automotive Aftermarket Ancillary Space

Customer:Leading UK-based provider of aftermarket automotive ancillary products


The client had taken up an initiative to digitally transform their products to enable differentiation and increase in sales. Towards this, they wanted to develop a Smart Tyre Inflator solution comprising of the inflator device with Bluetooth connectivity, data through OBD-II dongle, AWS IoT cloud and a mobile app to interact with the user.


  • One-time authentication of user on mobile app
  • Set recommended tyre pressure on the mobile app
  • View air pressure of tyre in real-time
  • Display trend of tyre air pressure variation based on user selection timeline
  • Display month-on month trend of air pressure lost
  • Inflation and deflation alert the user on mobile screen
  • Roadside assistance via phone call when the tyre is deflated
  • BT Android application development
  • UX design and visual development of mobile app screens
  • Native mobile app development for Android
  • Server side development of components for data ingestion and processing
  • Development and demo infrastructure set-up on AWS environments


The solution is aimed at increasing product adoption, providing delightful customer experience, and increasing market share. Further to customer’s digital transformation initiative they have engaged with Sasken to extend the Smart Tyre Inflator solution and create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Redefining the Automotive Aftermarket Ancillary Space

Customer:North American Automotive OEM

Customer: North American Automotive OEM

Customer: Leading UK-based Tier-1