Technical Review & Bench/Field Testing of Telematics Solution

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Technical Review & Bench/Field Testing of Telematics Solution
North American Automotive OEM


Customer is developing an in-car telematics unit with LTE connectivity and was looking for a partner to provide the LTE compliance and field testing of the telematics solution


  • Detailed technical review of the functional specifications of the telematics unit: identification of gaps, limitations, contradictions or inaccuracies and reporting them
  • Development of system level test cases to exercise multimode operation including call flows cross LTE networks in US and Canada
  • Test execution and reporting – includes bench testing, field testing and simulations


Productization near completion for one of the luxury car brands in US with support for additional product launches

Development and Benchmarking of Speech AI Algorithms

Customer:Leading American Semiconductor company

Development of Camera-based ADAS solutions for Semiconductor maker

Customer:Leading American Semiconductor company