Technical Review & Bench/Field Testing of Telematics Solution

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Technical Review & Bench/Field Testing of Telematics Solution
Customer: North American Automotive OEM


Customer is developing an in-car telematics unit with LTE connectivity and was looking for a partner to provide the LTE compliance and field testing of the telematics solution


  • Detailed technical review of the functional specifications of the telematics unit: identification of gaps, limitations, contradictions or inaccuracies and reporting them
  • Development of system level test cases to exercise multimode operation including call flows cross LTE networks in US and Canada
  • Test execution and reporting – includes bench testing, field testing and simulations


Productization near completion for one of the luxury car brands in US with support for additional product launches

Android Test Automation for a North American Tier-1

Customer:North American automotive Tier-1

25% Faster Test Cycle for Tier-1 Auto IVI solution provider

Customer:Tier-1 Automotive IVI Solution provider