Helping customers usher in transformation in the communication sector  

For over two decades, Sasken has been making significant contributions in the communication revolution with partners in Europe, US, Japan and China. Sasken was the first to market 3G wireless systems with simultaneous voice and browsing capabilities. The company demonstrated 2G and 3G protocol stack components in early 2000. In 2010, Sasken became the first and only Indian company to successfully design an end-to-end satellite phone for the world’s leading satellite communication provider.

The advent of newer digital technologies has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to innovate new value streams. For a seamless digital journey, it is imperative for enterprises to develop the ability to experiment along a distinct Digital Innovation track as opposed to the traditional approach in developing IT systems.

Sasken’s suite of digital IT capabilities complemented by its 25+ years of embedded and devices expertise make it a Digital Innovation partner for world’s leading enterprises. Sasken is focused on physical to digital (P2D) transformation that enriches enterprises’ competitive advantage and helps them achieve business objectives.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Physical to Digital transformation that enriches enterprises’ competitive advantage and helps achieve business objectives

Network Equipment Manufacturers

Scalable, converged networks that can deliver a wide array of voice, data, video and web services

Business Impact

Industry-first LTE conformance test cases for leading UK based test and measurement company
End-to-End testing of LTE femto-cell for Korean Network Equipment Manufacturer
RAN Tester for a Tier1 Korean NEM
IMS/VoLTE Test Automation for a Tier-1 NEM
Helped customer achieve load testing objective with almost 60% cost saving compared to other COTS tools
Helped quicken test cycles by almost 30% with automated framework
Sasken is helping one of the largest MVNO in the world with predictive churn modelling, need based segmentation, media mix modelling, call graph analysis, and bundle optimization