4G O-RAN Fronthaul

Customer: German and Middle-Eastern Telecom Providers


  • Developing an O-RAN compliant Fronthaul interface
  • Ensuring interoperability with RRH from multiple vendors
  • DU Architectural design, M-Plane development and C/U/S-plane compliance with the O-RAN specification
  • LTE-4G O-RAN Compliant DU integration with a RRH from multiple vendors
  • C/U/S/M plane development as per the O-RAN 2.0 specification


  • Sasken was involved in supporting the customer with the following
    • Redesigned the O-RAN Library for Layer 1 integration
    • Redesigned the OAM Module for M plane support
    • L1 layer split and verify the different radio unit test vectors in standalone test set up
    • Followed iterative design integration and validation approach with exhaustive test coverage


  • Sasken enabled the customer to showcase the first O-RAN voice call and data throughput in Europe
  • A similar demo was done in Middle East with another telecom provider to run a live O-RAN session
4G O-RAN Fronthaul

Customer: North American Automotive OEM

Customer: Tier-1 Test and Measurement Equipment Manufacturer serving US and China markets

Customer: US-based Network Equipment Manufacturer