Battery Management System for an Asian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

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Our client is a major Asian OEM. They leveraged Sasken’s expertise to develop a Battery Management System for their EV powertrain. Our team embarked on this journey by developing a Base SW through AUTOSAR configuration, CDD component development for the power board platform, pin muxing, board bring-up, and device driver validation. A multi-faceted approach was taken by the team to address challenges that hindered the development of State of Charge (SoC), Coulomb Counter, and State of Health (SoH) estimations, and Cell Supervisory Circuitry (CSC) with cell balancing support. Sasken enabled Diagnostics and Functional Safety implementation through the ASIL C standard and BCM-TCU Connectivity. As a result, the OEM was able to reduce costs significantly and enhance driver experience. 

Solution WorkFlow

Solution WorkFlow 2

SOH Estimation

SOH Estimation_3

  • Datasheet from cell manufacturer is used to collect parameters such as Initial Charge Capacity (Ah), Internal Resistance (Ω) with Cut-off resistance, Energy Capacity (Wh)
  • SoH of individual cell is calculated by validating charge, resistance and energy capacity of each cell against the initial values
  • Actual charge is calculated using coulomb counter method
  • Thermal parameters from datasheet are used and compared with actual thermal params
  • Based on number of charging and discharging cycles, appropriate parameters are taken from datasheet for calculation of the actual SoH
  • State of health of the battery pack gets calculated in the BMS unit

Technology Stack 



Business Impact

Successful completion of MVP has led to a cost reduction of 50% of Battery Management System


Battery Management System for an Asian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Customer: A global RFID Manufacturer

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Customer:Leading Japanese Car OEM