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Digital Campaign Management Solution
World’s leading FMCG brand


Sasken’s customer was launching a hair gel product in the Asia-Pacific market.  They wanted to develop an application that enables the brand to reach out to its target customer segments and create engagement.


  • An iPhone application with rich interactive multimedia content and integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Weibo, Twitter and YouTube
  • The application allows consumers to:
    • Experience different hair styles using Style Cards
    • Do a Style Makeover with the gel and share it with friends.
    • Takes the consumer through a wide range of products and styles that can be used
    • Consumer can watch YouTube videos by hair style experts who share their tips on how to use the brand’s products
    • Sasken owned the mobile application development completely –  UX & UI design, application development, integration with backend web services, defect fixing and publishing to iTunes App store


Improved brand engagement and enabled successful launch of the brand in the Asia Pacific market