Enabled CAN interface for European Auto Tier-1

Customer: European Auto Tier-1

Scope: To enable secure and controlled access to a vehicle CAN network


  • Technologies
    • Platform: RH850 VIP Processor, TI J6 DRA746 AP Processor
    • OS: Linux Yocto distribution
    • Tools: Vector Da Vinci Configurator, Renesas E1 Debugger
  • DBC Matrix creation to incorporate addition of new Tx Rx signals/APIs
  • Configuration of file generation using tool
  • Implementation of New Rx Signals on RH850 received from CAN bus and on application side
  • Implementation of New Tx Signals on application side as well as on vehicle interface side
  • Maintenance of VIP software on RH850


  • Easy integration with multiple product variants resulted in cost savings to the customer

Customer:North American automotive Tier-1

Customer:Tier-1 Automotive IVI OEM

Customer: Leading Korean Auto Electronics OEM