Inventory Dashboard for a Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Sasken Solution


Project related data stored in discrete systems, thereby bringing in inefficiencies in tracking


  • Created a flexible and robust Auto-ID and sensor analytics platform for business users, thereby enabling enterprises to obtain business intelligence and to quantify cost savings
  • Features:
    • An Auto-ID data warehouse specifically tuned to the real-time nature and characteristics of RFID, Wi-Fi and RTLS events, providing data consistency for high-volumes of data readings
    • A consistency engine which uses inferencing logic and business context to turn noisy, incomplete, and error-laden data into a clean view of a business’ sensor data across the supply chain
    • Built-in adapters for automated import of data from trading partners and company subsidiaries to create an enterprise-level view
    • Analytics and reporting featuring a flexible analytics platform with pre-built reports and email alerts for business users
Inventory Dashboard for a Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Customer:UK Telco

Customer:UK MVNO

Customer:UK MVNO