Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform

Customer:Leading Apparel Retailer


  • A self-service BI and Data Discovery platform for department users with a easy to use interface
  • Aid in finding insights, not just generating canned reports
  • High response time with interactive drill down, drill through and slice/dice analytics
  • Role based security to be integral as part of the reporting engine


  • Leveraged an in-memory BI platform to perform queries and interactive analytics in real-time
  • Browser based thin client stack with response design to be able to use the solution on any device.
  • Self-service analytics using point and click interface.
  • Discovery and exploration tool to allow users full flexibility in their analysis
  • Dynamic dashboards at multiple levels in the organization hierarchy
  • Geographical heat and block maps for quicker visualization of problematic areas

Technologies Used

  • Self-service BI – Tableau
  • Mapping platform – Tableau Maps for geo-visualization
Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform

Customer:World’s leading RFID inlay manufacturer

Customer:Leading European MVNO

Customer:Mobility Software Provider