Making roads safer by enabling V2X communication

Customer:European Automotive Tier-1


Customer was looking for a partner to enable V2X communication for two projects. One was a PoC integrating a LTE modem along with DSRC radio and other was a safety pilot with 2 channel radio for V2V and V2I communication respectively (MY20).


  • Involved in LTE modem integration and traffic optimization service integration
  • Development of other modules to establish connection to CMS servers as well as receive and send messages on DSRC radio
  • Integrated 3rd party components to secure automated and connected vehicle operations over DSRC including over-the-air certificate update and provisioning, broadcast of travel, diagnostic and drive information over LTE
  • Developed V2V active safety applications
  • System integration, test, and productization


With extensive expertise in 3G/4G modem and short-to-medium-range wireless communication technologies like Wi-Fi, Sasken led the solution design, implementation, identification of key issues helping in minimizing the time-to-market.

Making roads safer by enabling V2X communication

Customer: Japanese Automotive Tier-1

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1

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