Delivered an Optimized User Experience on Resource Constrained Devices

Customer: An American multinational technology giant

Scope: Sasken was entrusted with the prompt identification of performance related issues on various devices running Android Go operating system. Once identified, augmenting the experience for end users was also required, keeping in mind the hardware restrictions on the devices.


  • Mapped user personas and defined user journey of applications targeted for Android Go usage
  • Identified test scenarios and authored automation test scripts for popular Play Store applications
  • Developed a test automation framework leveraging Android Tradefed for testing of first-party and third-party applications on devices to benchmark latency and memory consumption
  • Test results and logs were published on Google Cloud for analysis, with application and OS performance metrics tracked regularly
  • Web-based dashboards for visualization and reporting of results were developed and the test automation suite is to be integrated with Android Open Source Project


  • Benchmarked performance of various devices and platforms on Android Go keeping in mind minimal configuration of devices
  • Tracked OS release performances across various devices
Delivered an Optimized User Experience on Resource Constrained Devices

Customer:Leading North American Enterprise Device Maker

Customer:Tier 1 European Telecommunications Service Provider

Customer:Global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions