Enabling Digital Video Recording in In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Customer:North American Automotive OEM


  • Development of VPM for In-Vehicle DVR on TI’s DM6467 (DaVinci HD) with Linux OS on ARM and TI BIOS on DSP


Development of reference hardware & licensing of complete multichannel encoder media framework, with support for:

  • Real time Development of VPM for a In-Vehicle DVR
  • End to end Hardware and software development of the Video Processing System
  • Mpeg 2 and H.264 Video encoding
  • High quality AAC Audio Encoding
  • Real time Video streaming using RTP, RTCP over UDP
  • Advanced Video pre-processing functionalities
  • Support for features like image stabilization, scaling, de-interlacing and on field firmware upgrade functionality
  • Development of a full fledged x86 based test environment to simulated on field behavior with the VPM


Helped OEM deliver superior functionality in IVI systems including first time support for content recording and enhanced rendering

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1

Customer:Asian conglomerate

Customer: North American Automotive Tier-1