Reduced Resolution Time via an RTK + GNSS Enabled Tracking System

Success Stories

Reduced Resolution Time via an RTK + GNSS Enabled Tracking System
Leading Japanese Car OEM

Scope: Sasken leveraged RTK + GNSS technology to build a vehicle inventory tracking system capable of determining the exact location of the vehicles over a web portal or a mobile app and provide the required assistance to its customers.


  • Developed Dongle software client & Communication with Cloud using MQTT
  • UX/UI design and development of native Android, iOS mobile apps and web portal
  • Hosted on AWS and corresponding server-side development of components for data ingestion and processing
  • Set up Dev, QA and Staging environments and adopted CI/CD approach in rollout and delivery
  • Developed REST APIs for exchange of data from the relational data bases
  • Publishing of smartphone apps to Google and Apple Appstore


  • The vehicle tracking system helped reduce resolution time of vehicle issues and boosted productivity.

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