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White Papers

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Blockchain Technology: Concepts

By Girish BVS
Senior Solutions Architect, Technology Group

Real-Time Multimedia System Analysis: A Breeze in Linux

By Chetan Sethi
System Software Architect, In-Vehicle Infotainment

Connected Cars – Architecture, Challenges and Way Forward

By Dorairaj Vembu
Senior Product Manager & Evangelist, Automotive, Consumer Electronics & IoT

Computer Vision based Fire Detection System

By Amandeep Singh Uppal
Senior Engineer, Technology & Solutions

Anatomy of Smart TVs

By Karthik Kumar Parthasarathy | Dorairaj Vembu
Senior Product Manager & Evangelist, Automotive | Consumer Electronics & IoT

Adaptive Beamforming towards 5G systems

By Manuj Khanra
Engineer, Technology and Solutions